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HW Veterinary Nutrition Inc is a veterinary nutrition company owned by Hilary Watson.

Hilary Watson has been employed as a pet nutritionist for more than 20 years. For 10 years, she was Technical Services Manager for WALTHAM® Veterinary Diets, providing nutritional training and technical support to the Canadian and American WALTHAM Veterinary Sales teams. Prior to joining Waltham, she was employed first in pet food product development (ie recipe formulation) and later as Quality Assurance Manager for a large multi-national pet food company, in charge of quality protocols and overseeing an analytical laboratory. After leaving Waltham in 2005, she was self-employed as an independent pet nutrition consultant, working primarily in product development and quality assurance for pet food companies in Canada, Australia, the UK and Latvia.

In 2008, Hilary launched HW Veterinary Nutrition Inc. In 2007, many pet owners contacted her during the pet food recall wanting help with home-made recipes. She began working on her first book, "COMPLETE & BALANCED - 101 Healthy Home-made Meals for Dogs" which was published in 2009. Hilary formulated HILARY'S BLEND™ supplement to balance the recipes in the cookbook. Hilary subsequently formulated and launched Hilary's Blend Meal Maker™ Garden Harvest, a proprietary blend of 10 air-dried fruits and vegetables. In 2013, Hilary published "COMPLETE & BALANCED FOR CATS - 101 Healthy Home-made Meals for Cats" and formulated HILARY'S BLEND FOR CATS supplement. All Hilary's Blend™ products are 100% human-grade, and 100% fit for human consumption. For more info about Hilary's Blend™ products, visit:

In early 2011, Hilary introduced the AURION™ brand, a line of supplements designed to be used with kibble. The first Aurion product was Aurion Digest-7™, a proprietary blend of 7 human-grade digestive enzymes. In the fall of 2011, Hilary introduced Aurion Superfood Multi™ a whole food multi-vitamin supplement, and Aurion Fit N Full™ konjac jelly treat powder, a low calorie hunger-satisfying fun treat for dogs. In 2012, Hilary introduced Aurion Derm™ supplement for skin barrier health. For click on the links at the top of this page.

Hilary with Envy and Cody

Hilary has a B.Sc. in Animal Science and has completed graduate (Ph.D.) level courses in comparative animal nutrition, protein and lipid metabolism, nutrition and immune function, and veterinary pathology. She has lectured on pet nutrition at the Ontario Veterinary College and the Atlantic Veterinary College, has taught pet nutrition to undergraduate students at the University of Guelph, and has been an invited speaker at 12 Canadian regional veterinary conferences, the CVMA national conference, as well as several veterinary meetings in Europe. She is the former nutrition columnist for Dogs in Canada magazine and was hired by Mark Morris & Associates (Hills) to write the section on Canadian pet food labeling for the 5th edition of their Small Animal Clinical Nutrition textbook (c2009) .

A purebred dog enthusiast for more almost 40 years, Hilary currently resides in Guelph, Ontario with her Belgian Shepherds Envy and Bouncer.


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